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When you think about childhood do you think work sheets or splashing in a puddle?

Research has showed that children learn better through experience; that academic settings do not create long lasting

effects, but could take away from the true critical learning of childhood: how to interact with other people. We are raising children that need to meet a fast changing world, they need: creativity, flexibility, interpersonal skills and problem solving. Academics can develop through our whole life, but the building skills that set us for success are harder to come by. *

We see children as a whole person: we color outside the lines, build as tall as we can reach, splash in colorful water to learn color theory and pretend play our way through learning. Every single material in our space has been chosen carefully to aid in that task: from small tables that allow small group activities, spaces to relax when we feel overwhelmed to different materials to build with to explore cause and consequence and whole group activities.

We are the children's second home, where we learn together.


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